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Flying into Kingston Airport

Although Montego Bay, Jamaica's second-city, is the primary tourism gateway, Kingston is the capital and its Norman Manley International Airport is well serviced by major international airlines. Whether it's a function of availability, schedule, price or any other reason, flying into Kingston Airport is an option for visitors to the Ocho Rios and Port Antonio resort areas.

Norman Manley International Airport

Located on the Port Royal penninsula just 20 minutes outside of downtown Kingston, NMIA serves an estimated 1.6 million passengers a year. The passenger terminal at NMIA has recently completed an expansion and development program involving significant upgrades to accommodate passenger growth. Many car rental agencies are located in Ground Transportation Hall.

Kingston Airport to Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios is located 75 miles north-northwest of Kingston Airport across Jamaica's mountainous interior. The route requires crossing the city of Kingston but from there it's a scenic drive across the island into Ocho Rios through Fern Gully, home to more than 500 species of fern. Drive time about 2.5 hours.

Kingston Airport to Port Antonio

Port Antonio is located northeast of Kingston, about 61 miles from the airport via the most direct route which requires traversing the city to join the twisting "Junction Road" over the Blue Mountains. The driving time is approximately 2 hours. The airport location actually favors the longer, very picturesque coast road which avoids the possibe congestion of downtown. This route will take about 3 hours.

Kingston Airport to South Coast

Treasure Beach is located 85 miles west of Kingston Airport along Jamaica's South Coast. Drive time about 2.5 hours.