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South Coast Orientation

Welcome to Jamaica's South Coast!

The "South Coast" of Jamaica stretches from the capital city of Kingston west and includes Black River and Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth, Mandeville in Manchester and Bluefields Bay in Westmoreland.

Black River is the capital St. Elizabeth and is so named for the river that runs through the parish and enters the sea at the southernmost part of the town. Safari operators can take visitors on a boat tour of the river. Black River is famous for having about 300 American crocodiles living in various parts of the river. As such, swimming is not recommended.

Towards the southeast of Black River is the fishing village of Treasure Beach. It is a beach community that offers rustic appeal to visitors. Visitors to Treasure Beach can go to one of Treasure Beach's bays, including Billy's Bay, Calabash Bay, Frenchman's Bay and Great Bay. The cuisine of Treasure Beach is a highlight as visitors can partake of freshly caught seafood cooked to taste.

Bluefields is an area in Westmoreland that was built by the Spanish in the 17th century. The Bluefields Beach Park is popular for locals and would be suitable for visitors who want to indulge in local activities. Families have picnics at the beach while enjoying the white sand. A tour of the memorial of Peter Tosh, one of Jamaica's renowned artists, can also be arranged.

Heading east of St. Elizabeth is Manchester, the parish that is home to the town of Mandeville. Mandeville is more of a historic site for visitors interested in learning about Jamaica's history. One structure worth visiting is the Mandeville Court House, which was built in 1820 with limestone blocks cut by slave labour.