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Getting Around: Negril
Visitors to the Negril area have a number of options in terms of local transportation. Car rental agencies abound in both Montego Bay (at or near the airport) and Negril as do chauffeured vehicles ranging from 100-seater coaches operated by the large tour companies to privately-owned vans and taxis. Motor bike rentals are also popular in Negril.

Negril Orientation
Getting Around -

Negril is located in the northwest corner of Jamaica; 52 miles west of Montego Bay with a driving time of approximately 1.5 hours from the airport along a scenic coastal road.

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Jah B's Bike Rental   Negril Beach (876) 957-4235 Jah B's Bike Rental
Happy World Car & Bike Rentals   Negril Beach (876) 000-0000 Happy World Car & Bike Rentals
Island Cruiser Rentals   Negril Beach (876) 422-2831 Island Cruiser Rentals
Vernon's Car Rental   Negril Beach (876) 957-4354 Vernon's Car Rental
Wright's Car Rental   Negril Beach (876) 957-4908 Wright's Car Rental
Big Ship Tours & Transportation   Negril Beach (876) 772-8759 Big Ship Tours & Transportation
Chamber's Island Express   Negril Beach (876) 406-4433 Chamber's Island Express
De Music Buzz   Negril Beach (876) 957-3157
High Five Tours   Negril Beach (876) 561-4138
Luxurious Carib Tours Jamaica   Lucea & West Hanover (876) 798-8382
PG Tours Jamaica   Negril Beach (876) 450-3648
Rocky's Taxi & Tours   Negril Cliffs / West End (876) 370-7915
JUTA Tours, Lucea Chapter   Lucea & West Hanover (876) 286-3564
Rocky's Taxi & Tours   Negril Cliffs / West End (876) 370-7915
Sunshinedestiny Tours Jamaica   Negril Area (876) 997-3520

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