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Activities & Attractions: Montego Bay
Montego Bay is Jamaica's tourism capital and the launching point for the widest variety of activities and attractions on the island. Recent coastal highway improvements have brought the resort areas of Negril, Ocho Rios and the South Coast within day-trip range.

Discover Dolphin Cove
Activities & Attractions -

Dolphin Cove Jamaica operates three attraction along the North Coast that provide a range of opportunities for visitors to observe and interact with dolphins and other marine wildlife.

Tryall Club Golf Course Review
Activities & Attractions -

Golf at the Tryall Club is an unforgettable experience that blends the beauty of the Caribbean with the challenges of a world-class course.

Horseback Ride and Swim
Activities & Attractions -

You don't have to be an experienced rider to enjoy the horseback ride and swim tours offered at various equestrian facilities across Jamaica. 1 comment

Falmouth: A Brief History
Activities & Attractions -

Famous for it's Georgian architecture and rich colonial history, the past comes to life at the coastal town of Falmouth just 22 miles east of Montego Bay.

Rose Hall Great House: A Journey Through Time
Activities & Attractions -

A historic Jamaica plantation mansion and home of the infamous "White Witch" Annie Palmer. 1 comment

Jamaica Golf Guide
Activities & Attractions -

Jamaica is blessed with all the qualities of a world-class golf destination. We invite you to discover an unforgettable golfing experience.

Discover Jamaica's Natural Wonders
Activities & Attractions -

Topographically the most complete and varied of all the Caribbean islands, Jamaica offers lush vegetation, waterfalls, and mountain trails.

River Rafting in Jamaica
Activities & Attractions -

River rafting is a popular way to experience the splendour of the inland waterways and the natural beauty of the Jamaica.

Climb a Waterfall
Activities & Attractions -

Jamaica is famous for its spectacular waterfalls that provide a refreshing break from the beach. 1 comment

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
Activities & Attractions -

Jamaica as one of the largest islands in the Caribbean has many excellent diving and snorkeling sites: shallow and deep, reefs and walls, wrecks and caverns, home to all manner of sea life.

Lured to Sport Fishing? Jamaica Will Hook You
Activities & Attractions -

Deep and productive waters only 15 minutes from shore, well-equipped sport fishing boats and scenic views add up to a quality fishing experience in Jamaica.

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Captain Watersports   Montego Bay-East / Rose Hall (876) 953-3048
Dive Seaworld Jamaica   Montego Bay-East / Rose Hall (876) 953-2180 Dive Seaworld Jamaica
Doctor's Cave Bathing Club   Montego Bay-Central (876) 952-2566 Doctor's Cave Bathing Club
Let's Go Native Negril Adventure by Island Routes   Montego Bay-Central (800) 744-1150
Calico Sailing & Undersea Tour   Montego Bay-Central (876) 952-5861 Calico Sailing & Undersea Tour
Captain Hook Jamaica   Falmouth (876) 285-1208 Captain Hook Jamaica
Dreamer Catamarans   Montego Bay-Central (876) 979-0102 Dreamer Catamarans
Freestyle Sailing Experience   Montego Bay-Central (876) 381-3229
Glistening Waters Restaurant & Luminous Lagoon   Falmouth (876) 954-3229 Glistening Waters Restaurant & Luminous Lagoon
Island Routes Lover's Rock Catamaran Cruise   Montego Bay-Central (800) 744-1150
Island Routes Reggae Catamaran Cruise   Montego Bay-Central (800) 744-1150
Magic Hands Massage   Montego Bay-Central (876) 392-4549
Spa at Round Hill Montego Bay  Montego Bay-West / Hanover (876) 956-7050
Deep Sea Sport Fishing by Island Routes   Montego Bay-Central (800) 744-1150
E-Zee   Montego Bay-Central (876) 381-3229
Marlin Madness   Montego Bay-Central (876) 896-7279
Cinnamon Hill - Montego Bay Golf Experience by Island Routes   Montego Bay Area (800) 744-1150
Cinnamon Hill Golf Course   Montego Bay-East / Rose Hall (876) 953-2650
Half Moon Golf Club   Montego Bay-East / Rose Hall (876) 000-0000 Half Moon Golf Club
Tryall Golf Club   Montego Bay-West / Hanover (876) 956-5660

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